To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’ve rounded up five of the most absurd kitchen appliances and accessories designed for the most intense Star Wars fans. Have more to share? Tag us on Instagram with #thisismold or leave a comment below.

star-wars-darth-vader-toasterWarning: you might be tempted to go the dark side with this Darth Vader toaster.

Star-Wars-Death-Star-Ice-MoldWhether you’re the Emperor or a Dark Sith Lord, you can enjoy a proper scotch after a long day chasing the rebels through the galaxy with this Death Star ice mold.

star-wars-light-saber-chopsticksDinner is always a battle at my house and now you can come to the table prepared with your own light saber chopsticks.

star-wars-r2d2-measuring-cupThis trusty Jedi sidekick is now here to assist you in your kitchen missions. R2D2 disassembles into teaspoon, tablespoon and cup measures.

star-wars-boba-fett-pizza-wheelImagine your life as a bounty hunter as you deftly slice through that personal pizza. Push a button and Boba Fett’s familiar voice encourages you to reach for another slice…”As you wish.”

star-wars-lightsaber-cornobiA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was summer barbecues and corn on the cob. With this Obi Wan Cornobi, you can deftly eat those kernals with the blessing of the master.