The Leaven Range by London-based designer Simon Kinneir is a set of everyday kitchen products, tuned to give extra sensory feedback beyond a reliance on sight. The design incorporates subtle changes to these products as we know them, improving the practicality and enjoyability of a task and reintroducing self-confidence in the kitchen for people with sight-loss. Whether through temperature, sound, or movement, these products amplify active processes in the task at hand.

The Leaven Range items include:

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_01The Chopping Board and Chopping Knife – Chopping food securely and safely through touch, grip and contrast.

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_04The Jug – Filling and pouring a jug to the right level through balance and touch.

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_03The Cutlery – Tactile reassurance of the right piece of cutlery the right way up.

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_05The Plate – A raised rear lip and extended front lip assist eating without spilling food.

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_02The Glass – Double tonal contrast helps a glass stand out on a light or a dark table.

Mold_FoodFutures_TheLeavenRange_06The Mug – Filling and pouring a jug to the right level through balance and touch informs the user—through temperature and touch—of the right level when filling up a cup.

Leaven-Range-Simon-KinneirThe Hob Guard- Resistance against the pan reassures the user the pan is safely on the hob.

Kinneir’s work explores experience in spatial, communication and product design with a research specialism in design for sight loss and independent living.

This project is featured in the forthcoming book Food Futures: Sensory Explorations in Food Design co-edited by Gemma Warriner and Kate Sweetapple out on Promopress May 2017. Follow @gemmawarriner for updates or pre-order your copy today.