We often see a “pinch of salt” suggested in recipes. Whether you’re the indomitable Internet sensation, Nusret Gökçe aka #SaltBae, or the average home cook, everyone has their own style and ideas around what accounts for that pinch. This Spring Italian homewares specialists Alessi debut a new kitchen tool, the Pizzico, an elegant silicone salt shaker that explores the notion of a pinch of salt.


Pizzico, which means “pinch” in Italian, was designed by the emerging Milan-based design studio Busetti Garuti Redaelli. A new form factor for arguably the most familiar tabletop object, squeeze the silicone body to evenly dispense a sprinkle of salt or pinch the corners of the neck for a more generous salting. “With a new approach, taking a fresh look at established habits, reinterpreting forms and considering different materials, we arrived at a synthesis between the age-old gesture of taking a pinch of salt and the practical and sanitary solution of classic salt castors,” the designers explain the press material. Unlike traditional salt shakers that might be filled with grains of rice to absorb moisture, the silicone dispenser won’t get clogged. And best of all, the model will debut in four friendly colors: black, grey, white and a sea green.

After the character-driven plastic products and whimsical approach of Alessi’s collections of the ’90s, the company focused on decorative tabletop statement pieces produced in more substantial materials like wood, steel and glass. Along with a molded plastic measuring cup by Gabriele Rosa debuting this Spring, the Pizzico represents the company’s return to plastic and what Alberto Alessi describes as, “a new project area…mainly in plastic: small objects that are witty, intelligent, elegant and sometimes a little cheeky, like a product by Alessi should be.

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#SaltBae might not need the Pizzico, but you do