“Be still my beating heart” — for some, a Romantic expression, but for us, an opportunity to introduce a graceful and visceral cooking utensil. Designed by New Zealand’s Zara Fong, the Ab Ovo meat knife marries old- and new-world manufacturing techniques to create a functional product that exudes beauty, precision and aggression in every slice.

Ab Ovo 1

Ab Ovo, which means “absolute beginning,” refers to the knife’s dual nature: an homage to the ancient craft of knapping (crudely shaping rock) and an announcement for the new age of 3D printing. The two materials—volcanic obsidian and printed polymer—connect current technology to its primordial foundation, representing a culture that, for all its evolution, still relies on admittedly barbaric kitchen tools.

Ab Ovo 4
Ab Ovo 2
Designed to look “futuristic from the afar and ergonomic in-hand,” the knife’s 3D-printed handle gently leads into its spiraling obsidian point, displaying an attention to detail that may can make even a vegetarian swoon. Ab Ovo’s manmade and natural components co-exist to create a product that is neither futuristic nor primitive; it rests in a balance of truly contemporary design.

Though you can’t buy an Ab Ovo just yet for your sweetheart (the design is currently in concept), don’t let that stop you from re-examining your docile eating routine.  We’ve never seen something so beautiful stab a piece of meat.

Zara Fong / Behance