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Zymurgy_XXX Ceramic Crocks Brings Ecological Thinking into the Kitchen

Bringing more ecological processes for cooking into the kitchen is an urgent pursuit for designers and chefs alike. While there are many techniques formed across… Read More

Brooklyn’s Community Fridges Are Playground’s Solution for Healthier Food Practices

Free food fridges have been popping up all over NYC since March as a grassroots response to the COVID-19 crisis. While community refrigerators… Read More

Orez on Designing Products for the Zero-Waste Home

While single-use packaging and plastic waste have increased exponentially throughout the last several decades, a wide variety of eco-friendly alternatives to harmful waste… Read More

Sarajevo’s Improvisational Design for Dining Under Siege

This story is part of MOLD Magazine: Issue 02, A Seat at the Table. Order your limited edition issue here. Life in… Read More

The Little Sous Subscription Box Schools Kids on the Joy of Cooking

With fun graphic design and a family-focused business model, Little Sous Kitchen Academy is a monthly subscription box—launching through Kickstarter—dedicated to educating… Read More

Designing the Next Generation of Yogurt Makers

Yogurt-making is an artform with 7,000 years of history—that’s a long line of generational knowledge passed down from one home cook to another. Whether… Read More

Energy Everywhere: BioLite’s CEO on Cooking, Lighting and Living Beyond the Grid

Five years after the category-changing BioLite CampStove debuted, the social enterprise company that is producing some of the most innovative products for the outdoor cooking… Read More

A Set of Kitchen Tools Designed for the Blind

The Leaven Range by London-based designer Simon Kinneir is a set of everyday kitchen products, tuned to give extra sensory feedback beyond a… Read More

A Pinch of Salt Gets It’s Own Kitchen Tool with Alessi’s Pizzico

We often see a “pinch of salt” suggested in recipes. Whether you’re the indomitable Internet sensation, Nusret Gökçe aka #SaltBae, or the average home cook,… Read More

The Cheese Grotto is Like a Humidor for Your Favorite Cheese

It’s not your fault that you’ve been storing your cheese incorrectly this whole time. Plastic wrap? Too suffocating. Tupperware? Too much condensation. Fridge? Too dry. Read More