MOLD’s weekly roundup of food design stories from around the web.


Tommaso Caldera, a recent Top Young Designer nominee (an award given by the Italian Institute of Culture) made ergonomics a top concern when designing Pita, a conical, marble mortar that sits in the palm of one hand while you grind ingredients into it with the other. We’re not sure how many of us actually reach for our mortar & pestle when we’re looking to spice up a meal, but by moving the process into your hands instead of atop a counter, Caldera’s design is intended to facilitate easy access and fast results. (Prototype)


Alexquisite says his more fragile porcelain mortar & pestle “demands a gentle hold,” a caveat that’s counterintuitive to the typical way we use the tool. But perhaps that’s because this model is intended for the table—not the countertop. Swap it for your run-of-the-mill salt and pepper shakers for a special, slow-paced meal. (Email for pricing)


On the other hand, La Cornue’s solid marble and rosewood-handled mortar & pestle is so gorgeous it demands to be left out on permanent display in your kitchen prep space. This large model is about 8.5 inches in diameter, providing ample room to get your spice grind on. ($350)