One month into 2016, how far are you along in accomplishing your New Year’s resolution? If your eating habits need a reset, it might be time to invest in the Tang XiaoZheng, a sleek and practical food steamer that doubles as a fun accessory for the kitchen counter.


Designed by Bejing firm Tangen Technology Co. Ltd. (lead designer: Hu Jianguo), the Tang XiaoZheng compliments the sleek lines and uncluttered surface of the modern kitchen. To use, place veggies (or items of choice) under Tang XiaoZheng’s lid, fill its reservoir with water, set a cooking time and let the sauna-inducing heat rods handle the rest.


When not in use, Tang XiaoZheng is designed to occupy as little counter space as possible. The steamer base folds vertically against its heating element to form a crisp white rectangle—a design aesthetic more reminiscent of consumer electronics than of household appliances.

Despite its clean white slate, Tang XiaoZheng exhibits a surprising amount of character for a kitchen device: its unassuming exterior, pop-out utility and fun-to-watch process remind us less of a diet and more of a treat.


Like your 2016 gym routine, expect this little steamer to pack quite the punch.

Tang XiaoZheng is a 2015 Red Dot Award winner.

[h/t] Yanko Design