This post is part of MOLD’s roundup of the best food design projects shown at Stockholm Design Week 2015.

The Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love designed and curated an exhibition for the Spritmuseum, celebrating the art and science of beer making. In a country where the number of breweries has doubled every year, the design of both the packaging and the brew can mean the difference between success and failure. Form Us With Love takes an educational approach to introducing museum-goers to the world of beer science.


Made using industrial tiles, the interiors reflect a laboratory married with a museum, in a grid of glass podiums accompanied by low hanging pendant lamps. “We wanted to illustrate dimensions of observation and experimentation by combining clinical materials and theatrical lights. Inspired by labs and ateliers, the intention is to make the audience investigative and engage with the process of how to find formulas for beer success,” says Form Us With Love.

See the Swedish beers in their full glory now through January 17, 2016 at the Spritmusem.