What are the household objects that we interact with on a daily basis? How can design make those interactions better? The designers at Fabrica answer this question in the upcoming exhibition, Extra-Ordinary Gallery, presented at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch during London Design Festival.

With a focus on simplicity and details, nine designers under the direction of Sam Baron re-interpreted household objects to highlight the, “beauty of basic and small pleasures in life.” Ranging from marble dumbbells to a standard A4 paper clock, the collection is understated with an elemental approach to form, materials and shape.

MOLD spoke with Fabrica Design Director Sam Baron about the design brief for the collection and Baron shares some thoughts on a few of the food design projects from Extra-Ordinary.


SAM BARON: As a research center, I wanted my design team to question design as a practice related to life and uses. From my point of view, design has many approaches that create its richness, but at the end of the day, we all need objects for our daily use. What about the possibility of having a respectful production chain using local artisans in order to create some unique elements that will compose a common “landscape” in our homes?

Common actions such as hanging a picture on a wall, a morning exercise or having drinks with friends are rendered a little bit more special than they already are; domestic, yet exquisite.

EXTRA_ORDINARY_GALLERY_SL_WB_HIGH_WIRE_MG_9889Sam Baron on Kirsty Minns’ High-Wire: See how a simple fruit basket becomes a geometric suspended volume that highlights what it contains. The black metal wires are like pencil lines in 3 dimensions that allow the colors and the scents of the fruits become accessible.

EXTRA_ORDINARY_GALLERY_SL_WB_DILEMMA_SPK5012Sam Baron on Dean Brown’s Dilemma: A bread bowl becomes a cake stand thanks to the simple and twisted attention to its handle. With this display, it becomes an homage to the world’s most fundamental food, bread.

See a preview of the full Extra-Ordinary Gallery collection below and stop by the Ace Hotel Shoreditch, September 16-22 during London Design Festival.