How much do our senses come into play with every bite we take?

Sensory Appetiser, a project by Jinhyun Jeon, is a set of dining tools that proposes new sensory experiences through the way in which we consume food, highlighting intimate relations with our body focused on the sense of touch.

Jelly Tactile Cup, Jinhyun JeonJelly Tactile Cup

The individual elements of which make up the collection are titled; Bump Appetiser Plate, Pierced Tactile Cup, Jelly Tactile Cup, Jelly Cutlery, Jelly Tea Set and Grasped Cup. These objects have been crafted from crystal, ceramic and silicon.

Jelly Cutlery Spoon, Jinhyun JeonJelly Cutlery Spoon

Jinhyun explains: “When we see food we are using our sight, when we cut the food or prod it with a fork, we hear the consistency of the food, when the food comes closer to our face, we smell it, and through putting it in our mouth we both feel and taste it. These experiments lead me to the conclusion where I question the role of the tools with which we eat and how they should be designed. What I propose is that the tableware we use for eating should not just be a tool for placing food in our mouth, but that it should become a sensorial appetiser, teasing our senses in the moment when the food is still on its way to being consumed. Rather than being designed from a cultural point of view, or in regards to function and the specific food, I propose that tableware should be designed to suit our intuitive and mostly subconscious sensorial abilities rather than forcing the people to adapt to the tools.”

This project is featured in the forthcoming book Food Futures: Sensory Explorations in Food Design co-edited by Gemma Warriner and Kate Sweetapple out on Promopress May 2017. Follow @gemmawarriner for updates or pre-order your copy today.