It all starts with chocolate. The makeup guru Bobbi Brown launched her billion-dollar eponymous line in 1990 with a chocolate-based lipstick tone, Brown Lip Color. Now she’s introducing the world to her newest chocolate formula—a supplement line that includes a chocolate powdered grass-fed whey along with three other beauty supplements under the brand Evolution_18.

With a tagline, “Beauty from the inside out, done simply,” Evolution_18 is part of a larger lifestyle company centered on wellness that includes an editorial website that launched April 2nd,, and a boutique hotel. Brown built her beauty brand by celebrating a natural color palette for a diverse range of women and her newest wellness endeavors are a natural extension of this philosophy. As she told The Cut, “when I launched my cosmetics company, it was the ’80s and people were wearing technicolor makeup…That’s kind of what I’m doing here—making wellness simple, easy to understand, and purposeful.”

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Evolution_18 launches on QVC and will debut with four products: the Afternoon Chocolate protein powder ($60), Overnight Vanilla collagen coconut oil powder ($48), Probiotic lemon-flavored “pixie-stick” style quick melt ($32), and Strengthen capsules for hair, skin and nails ($33). As denoted in the product names, Brown hopes to demystify ingredients and usage by designating use cases for her range: Afternoon Chocolate is an antidote to that afternoon energy slump and would serve as an alternative to coffee; the 60-calorie Overnight Vanilla could stand in for an after-dinner dessert by offering a sweet treat with the added benefit of magnesium, “to calm the mind and body so you can get a good night’s sleep.”