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100 Days to “Cook and See” Unravels a Mystery of Missing Vegetables in Chennai

Food designer Akash Muralidharan started his own 100-day long project on “missing” vegetables inspired by the classic Tamil cookbook, Samaithu Paar. Read More

Sandor Katz on interspecies collaboration and reclaiming food through fermentation

Sandor Katz is a fermentation revivalist and educator. His new book Fermentation as Metaphor explores what fermentation—and the communities of microbes responsible for it—can tell… Read More

Pairish Reimagines and Repackages Consumer Food Waste

While the global pandemic has made starkly visible many of the gaping problems of large global supply chains, it is hard to think of a… Read More

New Form, Same Flavor in Annie Larkins’ New Age Chicken Egg

While most vegan egg substitutes aim to emulate scrambled eggs – which have a texture and appearance that can be easily replicated by… Read More

Craving Candy? 3D Print Your Own Sugary Design with Katjes Magic Candy Factory

The future of food doesn’t exclude holidays, and as Halloween approaches some consumers are looking for ways to satisfy their candy cravings with… Read More

How Toast Ale Turns Bread Waste into Beer

With its short shelf life and low prices, bread has become one of the most wasted food products in the world. Estimates reveal… Read More

What We Talk About When We Talk About Flavor

This story is part of MOLD Magazine: Issue 04, Designing for the Senses. Order your copy of the full issue here. Designing food for… Read More

Adulting is hard. Should eating be easy? Designing food for the busiest stage of our lives

Shelf Life is a monthly series at MOLD that explores how we eat at different stages of life. On some occasions eating can… Read More

Dairy Derivative or Superfood: What Is Insect Milk?

Eating whole mealworms or crickets might seem distasteful to the unaccustomed palate, but what if insects could provide us with a protein source… Read More

Foraging in Oklahoma City with Nonesuch, “America’s Best New Restaurant”

On a recent foraging trip in Oklahoma City, cook Celeste Baca searched for honeysuckle and wood sorrel with me while lamenting some Oklahoman’s… Read More