As part of their ongoing “contactless cutlery” exploration into finding ways to get food into your mouth without utensils, plates, or cups, the intrepid food experimenters at Lick Me I’m Delicious have just announced a levitating cocktail machine that suspends droplets of alcohol you can lick out of the air.

The first drinks that Delicious founder Charlie Harry Francis and University of Bristol’s Professor Bruce Drinkwater (yes, his real name) have concocted are a 160-proof Blood Mary and a 70-proof gin and tonic, which you can watch it in action.

Drinkwater, who specializes in Ultrasonics, explains how sound waves are used to “trap” the liquid in midair.  “Sound waves, even in the form of your voice have an inherent amount of power. The Levitron uses very powerful sound waves in the ultrasonic spectrum which crucially are beyond the range of human hearing, otherwise it would seriously damage your ears when the machine was switched on.”

Though Francis and Drinkwater have plans to eventually levitate a full roast beaf dinner into your mouth, it’s still early days for the Levitron. Not only does the machine cost nearly $50,000, but in terms of efficiently delivering a drink down your throat, we can’t see how this beats a plain old glass. Still, as fans of experimentation (even for experimentation’s sake), we’re excited to see where this one goes.