Next week, the V+A’s highly anticipated exhibition, The Future Starts Here, opens in the storied design museum in London. A showcase of 100 objects that aims to help us better understand how we’ll interact with one another and the world around us in the near future, the exhibition includes designs at all scales—from biological code to “Aura-powered bodysuits,” oil spill-cleaning sailboats to the world’s first carbon-neutral, zero-waste city.

Accompanying the exhibition, the museum is hosting a four-part “Future Series” kicking off with “Food” on May 18th. The conversation features three of the most influential practitioners working in the space—eating designer Marije Vogelzang, neuroscientist Dr. Charles Spence, and Sam Bompass of the experiential agency Bompass & Parr. With all three entering the conversation from different vantage points, the conversation promises to be lively and provocative. The “Future Series” is programmed in collaboration with the speaking bureau Propela.

The Future Starts Here is on at the V+A Museum from May 12 – November 4.