The Nautilus Bowl is a prototype from SVA MFA candidates Shelly Ni (Interaction Design) and Gaia Orain (Products of Design). Designed for the elderly and those with hand disabilities—tremors, painful joints, or reduced dexterity—the Nautilus is both ergonomic to hold and dignified to use. It’s directly inspired by interviews with stroke survivors and arthritis patients, who demonstrated a clear unmet need for a bowl that’s comfortable and affirming. The Nautilus turns meal time from a regular frustration into a positive and comfortable experience, helping people with hand disabilities feel good about eating again.

The Nautilus Bowl is a finalist in this year’s New York’s Next Top Makers challenge! They’re using the grant to prototype a more commercially viable product for manufacturing—a light weight, food-age plastic version for people with disabilities and a ceramic version for those who are interested in interesting tableware.