For Salone, Milan’s home furnishing supershow, London design darling Lee Broom debuted On the Rock, a beautiful new drinkware collection that fuses the delicacy of crystal with the heft of solid marble. This isn’t the first time Broom has paired unusual materials to great effect. He was named Designer of the Year in the 2011 British Design Awards (a prize he has now won three times) for his collection of Persian-carpeted lamps and sideboards.

In On the Rock, Broom perches fine crystal bowls atop white Carerra marble bases to create champagne coups and wine glasses made from one typical tableside material and one usually reserved for building decor for a fresh approach to modern dining. The collection bears conceptual similarity to Broome’s 2012 stemware collection Half Cut, which mounted crystal bowls atop repurposed British decanter stoppers. Both collections bring objects tangentially associated with drinkware (as either serving vessels or dining surfaces) into the design of the glasses themselves.

The collection debuted this month at Supper Scene, a Salone opening night dinner party at Milanese design boutique Spazio Pontaccio. A limited edition series of 30 wine glasses and 30 champagne glasses is available for purchase.

Photographs courtesy of Lee Broom.