Food exhibits and events are constantly taking place around the world, highlighting the never-ending creative capacity of food and design. Here are a few of the projects happening this month that caught our eye, check them out if you live nearby!

London 2026: Recipes for Building a Food Capital

Open until May 18th, the Roca London Gallery is currently featuring an exhibit that focuses on ways to integrate food production into urban landscapes. London 2026 imagines a new kind of design for the city, one that focuses on agritecture and sustainable living. Among the designs and products included in the exhibition are ideas like insect farms inside roundabouts and buildings that merge office spaces with hydroponic farms.

Conferencia Dongu at Querétaro Design Week

Querétaro-based Mexican restaurant Dongu will be hosting a conference at this year’s Querétaro Design Week. As a self-dubbed gastronomic project, Dongu values experimenting with food and the power of eating as a way of sharing culture. This conference will allow chefs from Dongu to discuss the way they think about and design food experiences.

Among the projects featured at FOOD: Bigger than the Plate is Carolien Niebling’s project “The Sausage of the Future.”

FOOD: Bigger than the Plate

Later this month the Victoria & Albert museum will be opening an exhibit that’s all about experimenting with what we eat – FOOD: Bigger than the Plate. The exhibition covers ever step in the process of making food, from how we grow ingredients, to what we do with our food waste. By taking visitors on a sensory journey, FOOD: Bigger than the Plate will show people sustainable changes to our food system that still maintain all the pleasurable parts of eating that we love.

The Diner at NYC Design Week

Following its debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2018, pop-up restaurant and celebration of American design The Diner will be returning to NYC later this month. The Diner is a full time restaurant and bar that showcases the evolution of the American diner. Creative typography, illustration, and animation create a space that embody the optimistic nature of this iconic American business.