In a sunny corner of Copenhagen’s bustling meatpacking district, a design research lab is probing the future of how we’ll live. Along with topics like clean energy, co-living, open source platforms and the future of work, the future of food is a consistent area of investigation for the designers at Space10 and their collaborators. Projects like their mobile farms (future of transportation), meatless meatballs for their sponsor IKEA and even an open-source DIY vertical garden growroom spark conversation and inspire the trajectory of future product development. To celebrate the launch of their newest project, the Future Food Today cookbook, Space10 is hosting a week-long exhibition showcasing work from designers and artists that are “challeng[ing] our perceptions around what food can be.”

Through May 18th, you can see works from Erika Marthins (SE)—whose work we profiled in our upcoming issue of MOLD, Arvid&Marie (NL/FR), Hanan Alkouh (Kuwait), Studio ThinkingHand (AUS/DK), Tas2r (RUS/DE) and Beyond Coffee (DK). Additionally, visitors will get a preview of the Future Food Today cookbook which will feature recipes and guides to producing and sourcing food locally and sustainably.

An extension of Space10’s ongoing research in their in-house Test Kitchen, the cookbook is a practical guide for adventurous eating and features work from their food designer-in-residence Simon Perez that spans vegetable-based versions of in-house favorites (think tagine and hot dogs) to DIY production of novel ingredients like spirulina— the nutrient-dense, energy efficient microalgae.

Designed by long-time Space10 collaborators Barkas, the cookbook is straight-forward and unpretentious despite some of the more challenging concepts that lie inside. As Barkas founder Mike Wittrup told It’s Nice That, “we tried to embrace the universe of the chef, keeping information functional and let imagery document the process. The book is designed to be a tool in the kitchen and a conversation starter around the coffee table.”

The Future Food Today cookbook is now available for pre-order and the exhibition is on view through May 18th, 10AM – 5PM daily at Space10, Flæsketorvet 10 / Copenhagen V.