‘Tis the season for gift-giving, and thanks-giving. Here’s a small gift from our family to you: a compilation of our favorite ways to say “thank you” to those who’ve helped make 2021 a memorable one. Prices start from free(!) to $140, and all our picks highlight independent businesses, organizations and makers. From a trip to a reading room to wavy tableware, the writers, artists and editors here at MOLD hope to make gift-giving a bit more sparkly this year.


Star Route Farms is a farm in Charlottesville, NY, growing organic food for organizations dedicated to food insecurity. Through donations they are able to dedicate all production to mutual aid, and continue charting a way forward for an alternative food system. – Isabel Ling

Star Route Farms donation, pay what you can.

The Food Education Fund is a New York City based organization that offers programming and experiential learning in culinary arts, hospitality and entrepreneurship to prepare their students to continue their education and cultivate sustainable careers. This zine is a compilation of 14 recipes between 14 FEF students and renowned New York City Chefs. – Lo Alalay

Food for Futures zine, $14.

This alliance of seedkeepers, farms, mills, bakers and brewers are working to rebuild a local, grain-based economy! Support their work or get involved in the work by becoming a member. – LinYee Yuan

Northeast Grainshed Alliance membership, $25-up.

For the Mind

Center for Book Arts is a non-profit organization based in NYC. They offer online classes led by amazing instructors. They offer zine-making classes, pop-up card classes, kitchen printing and dyeing, and more. The classes are pay what you can, and the money helps the non-profit continue to help provide studio space for artists. – Kristi Huynh

Center for Book Arts class, pay what you can.

Open up Julia Watson’s Lo—TEK Design by Radical Indigenism and you’ll feel its immediate difference. There’s the Swiss Brochure binding, for starters. But inside, a collection of some of the world’s most ancient yet efficient nature-based technologies show that the “secrets” to living with nature have been hiding in plain view. Lo-Tek isn’t merely a coffee table book. It’s a movement to rebuild indigenous philosophies and inclusive environments which “generate sustainable, climate-resilient infrastructures.” – Karen Day

Lo-TEK by Julia Watson, $35.

The CBD flower rosin infused turkish delights from Rose Los Angeles are my favorite gift for myself and others. Their newest flavor in collaboration with Enrique Olvera is Ojo Rojo, the perfect edible interpretation of a michelada. Buy them for anyone who loves spending too much time at the farmers market, collecting beautifully designed packaging, or supporting founders with a vision for the future of cannabis rooted in regenerative farming and thoughtful collaboration. Sophi Gullbrants

Rose CBD/ THC Delights, $40.

Give the gift of knowledge with a visit to Deem magazine’s new project space in Los Angeles. Browse their collection of books and magazines that have inspired their first three issues in person through December 19th, or visit their Are.na channel for the online experience.  – LinYee Yuan

Deem reference room, Free.

Horror Caviar is full of recipes inspired by classic horror movies, such as Audition, Suspiria, Possession, Midsommar, The Shining, The Witch, and many more. It features stunning photography and makes a great coffee table book. [Full disclosure: Our editor, LinYee Yuan, edited this book] – Kristi Huynh

Horror Caviar, $65.

2022 Art Calendar – Editorial | W Studio Paris

I contributed to two art calendars: one for Editorial magazine and one for W Studio Paris, the latter which will donate proceeds to the Foundation Assistance aux Animaux, an organization dedicated to animal protection. Both these calendars would be great for gifting for Christmas and the New Year! – Lam Lo

2022 Editorial Calendar, $36.


Wing On Wo. & Co., the oldest operating store in New York City’s Chinatown, have curated unique care packages ready to gift. They have care packages with medicinal ingredients for snow fungus sweet soup to rejuvenate your yin energy and packages with their famous ceramics. – Kristi Huynh

W.O.W. Care Package, $45-100.

These delightful hand-crafted brushes are highly coveted objects made by London-based craftswoman Sophie of Grain and Knot. You’ll also find hand carved vases and chopping boards in various woods and shapes. – Corinne Mynatt

Crumb brush by Grain and Knot, £75

There’s so much etiquette surrounding the tools with which we eat, so I love the way James Shaw investigates other, wobbly wobbly ways to hold a spoon. – Julia Georgallis

Bi-metal Confusion Spoons by James Shaw, £25.

The best gifts are gifts the receiver doesn’t even know they need e.g. a bottle of small batch vinegar made in Brooklyn. I love collecting the different seasonal flavors to add to mocktails and salad dressings. Perfect for anyone who needs more acid in their life.. – Sophi Gullbrants

Tart Vinegar, $24/ bottle

A collaboration between two New York-based, womxn-owned businesses, this adorable canvas tote bag can be a carryall or unzipped to fit a full bottle of wine. Purchase the tote from Leisir and add a bottle of natural wine for a lovely holiday gift. – LinYee Yuan

XO GOGO x Leisir Wine Tote, $45.

Behold the power of mycelium with these fun(gi) grow kits by our friends at Smallhold. Choose from Blue Oyster or Lion’s Mane and get cozy with these edible friends. – LinYee Yuan

Mushroom Grow Kit, $34.

I’ve desired this spatula for many years. For the uber-minimalist chef in your life who appreciates a well-functioning, simple, aesthetically streamlined objects, this nimble spatula is ideal. – Corinne Mynatt

Tolu spatula, $30.


Featuring an original print by Brooklyn-based Black lesbian artist Aya Brown, this shirt comes with instructions on how to strap up – Nathanael Cox and Jamie Tyberg

Aya Brown “How to Strap Up” T, $25.

Addie Boyd is a beautiful person who makes beautiful rings in Providence, Rhode Island. The rings they make are all custom and play with a sensual shaped language of bulbs and knots. The perfect gift for anyone you love. Sophi Gullbrants

Addie Boyd rings, $100+.

For the friend with lots of tools, this knife roll designed by chef (and MOLD contributor) Angela Dimayuga can be easily used to carry gardening implements, sketching supplies or more. Made from recycled cotton canvas, and cut and sewn responsibly in Los Angeles. – LinYee Yuan

Angela Dimayuga x Everybody World Tool Roll, $140.

The profits of this fundraiser will be used to support Ashley Diamond, a Black transgender woman currently incarcerated in a men’s prison, while she is inside and to fund her transition when she is free. – Nathanael Cox and Jamie Tyberg

Free Ashley merchandise, $8-55.