A wooden cylindrical Dosa picnic basket sits open on the floor. Inside it hold a Dosa wrapped in banana leaves.
Five pouches in off-white, pinks, and merlots sit in a row. Out of focus in front of the pouches of wine are empty wine glasses.
10 Images showing variations of a bunny made out of spam
A hand holds a branch of light wood against a blank background, the branch diverges into two branches, like a wishbone.
A girl wearing a green sweatshirt and a white baseball cap with the words Barbados embroidered across stands in an urban garden cradling a bushel of herbs.
A white pictorial diagram illustrates the different components in a digitally connected data sensitive farm, the diagram overlays a luscious green field.
Near future algaculture symbiosis suit by London-based designers BurtonNitta.
Spoon Glass by Michel/Fabian. Photo by Kristy Noble and styling by Olivia Bennett for MOLD Magazine.
Roxanne Brennen's Dining Toys presented at DDW17
Nico Eats Set Kids Play Food
Studio Fool Mirrored Dinnerware
Mario prototype developed by MIT’s Senseable City Lab in collaboration with the Alm Lab.
Brodie Neill ocean plastic terrazzo table
GSI's MiniX-presso coffee maker.