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Comunità Frizzante is Bottling a Model for Hyperlocal Food Ecologies in the Italian Alps

In Italy, like much of the world, when one thinks of carbonated drinks, one thinks of Coca-Cola. Maybe Pepsi. Yet, in the autonomous province of… Read More

Zymurgy_XXX Ceramic Crocks Brings Ecological Thinking into the Kitchen

Bringing more ecological processes for cooking into the kitchen is an urgent pursuit for designers and chefs alike. While there are many techniques formed across… Read More

Punk Brewery BrewDogs Shows the World How to Go Carbon Negative

The climate crisis will change beer like it has, and will, most things. Around the world, rising temperatures will make barley less… Read More

Mycel App Empowers Novice Growers With Local Knowledge

Right now, the know-how to grow your own food is looking more and more like a valuable, if not a necessary, asset for the future. Read More

Brooklyn’s Community Fridges Are Playground’s Solution for Healthier Food Practices

Free food fridges have been popping up all over NYC since March as a grassroots response to the COVID-19 crisis. While community refrigerators… Read More

PlantPAPER Wants to Protect Your Most Precious Environments

It’s something we don’t put much thought into until it’s not there. In recent weeks, panic buying has created a crisis of toilet paper. Read More

Five Free Apps for All Levels of Foraging

    Foraging can tend to be a bit daunting. The idea of going into nature and actually eating what you find… Read More

Mapping the Saltworks of the Mediterranean with BOIR

Five years ago, designer and chef Ivan Zidar noticed small pools of seawater trapped in between rocks at the shoreline. As the sun shone brighter,… Read More

Toilet Technology from the Land of TOTO

This story is part of MOLD Magazine: Issue 01, Designing for the Microbiome. Order your copy of the full issue here. Inside a non-descript… Read More

Comfort Food: Eating in Our Last Stage of Life

“When my father was sick, he asked for wonton soup…and not a traditional recipe. He wanted wonton soup from the Chinese restaurant in… Read More