We first found Medellin-based 3D illustrator and art director Daniel Aristizábal through his mesmerizing vision of the “hatching of the universe” for the Spanish fashion and design magazine La Monde. In the editorial “Cósmica y sus huevos” Aristizábal depicts a psychedelic yolk emerging from a pair of disembodied hands. The style of this editorial represents the illustrator’s interest in geometry, Dada, pop art and candy-colored futurism in his surrealist renderings.

daniel-aristizabal-huevos-MOLD-SnacksAristizabal-cosmica-huevos“Cósmica y sus huevos” for La Monde Magazine

For MOLD’s design week newspaper, SNACKS #01, Aristizábal created “A Long Lasting Love Affair,” to represent his continued interest in working with food as an inspiration and subject for his work. “There is no love as strong and lasting as the one between food and my heart,” he tells MOLD. See more of the illustrators work for clients that include Port Magazine, Hatsu Tea, Oddpears and Wired.

In celebration of New York Design Week we’re proud to announce SNACKS #01, a limited edition newspaper and poster collection featuring 18 artists and designers upending the visual tropes of food and design. Win a copy + our HungryEyes Pineapple pin collaboration through our @thisismold Instagram giveaway or pickup SNACKS #01 at any of our select Distribution Partners in New York City.