We first encountered the surreal illustrations of Los Angeles-based artist Lilian Martinez’s work through her art brand and online store BFGF. Her collection of homewares, ranging from shower curtains to blankets, feature decontextualized pop cultural touchstones like Nike swooshes and the Simpsons floating amidst lush greenery and edenic female nudes. Martinez’s work explores parallel histories, time travel and transcendent experiences. “It’s an exercise in reconciling memory, reality and dreams,” she writes.

lilian-martinez-BFGF-tropical-shadowsBFGF “Tropical Shadows” Blanket

For MOLD’s design week newspaper, SNACKS #01, Martinez created:


A paradise dreamscape abundant with fruit and plants. “The candle represents an undying love for snacks,” the artist explains. “The vessel is ceramic filled with water or wine.”

In celebration of New York Design Week we’re proud to announce SNACKS #01, a limited edition newspaper and poster collection featuring 18 artists and designers upending the visual tropes of food and design. Win a copy + our HungryEyes Pineapple pin collaboration through our @thisismold Instagram giveaway or pickup SNACKS #01 at any of our select Distribution Partners in New York City.