Graphic designer and art director Catherine J. Kim started sharing candy-colored digital collages from her self-initiated “100 Days” campaign last fall via her Instagram account and it was love at first sight. Her visual mashups combine the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Cactus lollipop? Check. Pineapple grenade? Check. Disco watermelon. Check. Working with brands and editorial clients like Kiehl’s, Playboy, L’Oreal, RxArt and Nylon Magazine, Kim creates playful and engaging social and editorial content with a clear vision for the brand and how it resonates with their audience.


For MOLD’s design week newspaper, SNACKS #01, Kim created “Candy Tape” in collaboration with photographer Josh Din. “This image explores how everyday objects can be combined in unexpected ways and given new life,” Kim told MOLD. “In this case a tape dispenser is combined with candy and given a new purpose.”

In celebration of New York Design Week we’re proud to announce SNACKS #01, a limited edition newspaper and poster collection featuring 18 artists and designers upending the visual tropes of food and design. Win a copy + our HungryEyes Pineapple pin collaboration through our @thisismold Instagram giveaway or pickup SNACKS #01 at any of our select Distribution Partners in New York City.