LAZY MOM might be the funny nom de guerre of Josie Keefe and Phyllis Ma’s food art collaboration, but these Ivy-league educated artists are not to be underestimated. LAZY MOM is based on an imaginary mother who spends her time arranging groceries obsessive-compulsively instead of preparing meals for her family. Their provocative food styling and bold image making explore the “simplicity and complexity of modern food” through carefully staged compositions utilizing our most beloved items from the junk food aisle.

"Birthday Cake" for Lucky Peach Magazine“Birthday Cake” for Lucky Peach Magazine

For MOLD’s design week newspaper, SNACKS #01, LAZY MOM tells the epic tale of the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” in the form of whipped cream, Maraschino cherries and plastic cake pedestals. The still life has the hallmarks we’re familiar with in photographs of crumbling architecture, faded glories of civilizations past, but upon closer inspection, the cake pedestals and squirts of whipped cream are more appropriate props for a party.

In celebration of New York Design Week we’re proud to announce SNACKS #01, a limited edition newspaper and poster collection featuring 18 artists and designers upending the visual tropes of food and design. Win a copy + our HungryEyes Pineapple pin collaboration through our @thisismold Instagram giveaway or pickup SNACKS #01 at any of our select Distribution Partners in New York City.