For an editorial in Der Spiegel magazine about the dark side of the vitamin industry, French art and design studio Zim&Zou created bright paper good-for-you pills (the ones full of fruits and vegetables) and their placebo counterparts (the ones full of money).

We love the studio’s use of paper as a primary material and their ability to create sophisticated and original pieces with such a basic medium. “Rather than composing images on a computer, [we] prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos of them,” the studio’s two founders, Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman, say in their bio.

Also, did we mention that they’re only 25 years old? That’s especially impressive when you look at their client roster, which includes Hermès, IBM, The Washington Post, BNP, and ICON magazine, for which they created these noteworthy images of 3D-printed food.