When we first wrote about Dina Belenko’s dynamic still life photography, we were mesmerized by her ability to transform cookies and spilled milk into an intergalactic adventure replete with cups of coffee cosmos and powdered sugar asteroids. The photographer creates new worlds populated with clay moons, wire trees, cardboard dragons and paper cities. “I enjoy telling stories about inanimate objects,” Belenko tells MOLD. “Things can tell what they saw, who held them, who accidentally broke them, who lovingly gathered them in pieces and repaired. I love all these stories and I’m trying to capture them.”


For MOLD’s design week newspaper, SNACKS #01, the Russian photographer based in Khabarovsk created “Milk from the Top Shelf,” part of a larger series that explores gravity, spilled milk, falling cookies, scattered sprinkles and the beauty (and mess) of the kitchen.

In celebration of New York Design Week we’re proud to announce SNACKS #01, a limited edition newspaper and poster collection featuring 18 artists and designers upending the visual tropes of food and design. Win a copy + our HungryEyes Pineapple pin collaboration through our @thisismold Instagram giveaway or pickup SNACKS #01 at any of our select Distribution Partners in New York City.