A woman in a red hat crouches over a bag with the words Cake Inside printed on the side. She is on a glacier, surrounded by white snow.
A pink background with a red monochrome illustration of Tomato sauce.
A champagne flute being filled with frothing yellow-ish palm wine.
A gravestone designed to look like an open book with the recipe for spritz cookies.
A blue two toned illustration featuring three folded napkin works. Two are fanned florals one is an animal.
Four cartoon babies dig in to a jell-o.
A black and white photo of someone spreading butter in front of two stacks of bread. The photograph is oval and has scalloped edge, it is superimposed atop a background of ASCII art toast and bread knives.
A pink duo-tone image of a man holding a knife above a cutting board. His photo is framed by collaged pressed and dried flowers. The frame is set on a pink background with outlines of grapes and cherries.