On a wood floor background plants are placed on rectangular strips of paper with descriptions written in Chinese of each plant. A magnet holds each leaf down.
An infographic titled How to Make an Ant Farm, with three steps (Find a queen, Create a founding chamber, build a foraging area), and three images assocaited with it. The graphic has miniscule ants crawling over it.
A photograph of the 770 Woolsey site, with a pile of dirt in the foreground, greenhouse structures and the Portola neighborhood in the foreground.
A white pictorial diagram illustrates the different components in a digitally connected data sensitive farm, the diagram overlays a luscious green field.
A spread from MOLD Magazine's Issue 04: Waste, which reads
Snohetta has designed Europe's first under water restaurant and research center in Norway.
Diébédo Francis Kéré's open-air pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery
Digital information including provenance, nutritional value and preparation advice is layered into digital screens in Carlo Ratti x Coop Italia's Supermarket of the Future.
The MP Shift's branding for New York's first ayurvedic cafe, Divya's Kitchen.
Ett-Hem-Studioilse-kitchen hotel