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Kreung Cambodia

Kreung, a Cambodian food pop-up based in Brooklyn, is teaching us a lesson on perseverance, preservation, and pluralism. This… Read More

100 Days to “Cook and See” Unravels a Mystery of Missing Vegetables in Chennai

Food designer Akash Muralidharan started his own 100-day long project on “missing” vegetables inspired by the classic Tamil cookbook, Samaithu Paar. Read More

Public School NY’s New “Bio-Leather” Sneakers Are Brewed like Kombucha

A microbial leather brewed like kombucha. Collaboration between Public School NY and Dr. Theanne Schiros for One x One. Photo by Jon Brown. What… Read More

Meet the “Bacterial Care-Taker” behind New York’s Anti-Conquest Bread Co.

New York City restaurant closings mark the dawn of a new era of food culture. Not only is dwindling business for restaurants diminishing a culture… Read More

Sandor Katz on interspecies collaboration and reclaiming food through fermentation

Sandor Katz is a fermentation revivalist and educator. His new book Fermentation as Metaphor explores what fermentation—and the communities of microbes responsible for it—can tell… Read More

Footwear, Ecology and Aroma Explorations from Studio Human Beings

Sisters Olivia and Sara Park grew up with food all around them. They were the daughters of a sushi chef whom they recall… Read More

Pairish Reimagines and Repackages Consumer Food Waste

While the global pandemic has made starkly visible many of the gaping problems of large global supply chains, it is hard to think of a… Read More

Smooth vs Ridged Penne, a COVID-19 Pasta Drama

Less than 24 hours after Italy announced a COVID19 outbreak in Lombardia in Northern Italy, photos of barren Italian supermarket shelves were posted on Twitter. Read More

Designing a New Future for Flesh

This story is part of MOLD Magazine: Issue 04, Designing for the Senses. Order your copy of the full issue here. “Growing meat in… Read More

From Fish Waste to Bioplastic, MarinaTex Wins James Dyson Award 2019

De-scaled and filleted, it is estimated that over 50% of the fish pulled from the ocean is discarded, labeled as “waste” by… Read More