3 Screenshots from the app TikTok, showing videos of a woman preparing the fictional meat product,
A champagne flute being filled with frothing yellow-ish palm wine.
White blocks of concrete-like material stacked in a pile
Five pouches in off-white, pinks, and merlots sit in a row. Out of focus in front of the pouches of wine are empty wine glasses.
A round cake from above with fluffy white icing and candy flowers and letters spelling out queer cakes.
10 Images showing variations of a bunny made out of spam
An infographic titled How to Make an Ant Farm, with three steps (Find a queen, Create a founding chamber, build a foraging area), and three images assocaited with it. The graphic has miniscule ants crawling over it.
A girl wearing a green sweatshirt and a white baseball cap with the words Barbados embroidered across stands in an urban garden cradling a bushel of herbs.
A blue and white sign with OPEN written in all black capitalized letters hangs in the window of a glass door, the sign is made of rhinestones.
A plate of four idli is served with a bowl of sambhar and chutney.
Miso through scanning electron microscope.
A page from MOLD Magazine Issue 03: Waste, which reads
Thalis and metal tableware have been used since the Indus Valley Civilisation, dating back to 3500–2500 BCE. Photo by Corey Olsen for MOLD Magazine.
Calabash Bowls and Spoons by Tala Yuan for Steinbesser. Photography by David Brandon Geeting.
Photography by Corey Olsen for MOLD Magazine Issue 01.