A woman wearing a red jumpsuit stands in front of various rose bushes speaking into a microphone. Behind her is a screen with a green background that says How to Make a Bomb
The book
Two speakers embedded in the ground.
Five pouches in off-white, pinks, and merlots sit in a row. Out of focus in front of the pouches of wine are empty wine glasses.
On a wood floor background plants are placed on rectangular strips of paper with descriptions written in Chinese of each plant. A magnet holds each leaf down.
A silver tray mold for ten madeleine cookies is hung up on the wall slightly above the ground. Below on the ground the floor is covered in a layer of flour.
Four bodies draped in a Filipinx sarong pattern designed by Chris Fussner and Zeus Bascon of Tropical Futures Institute. Three of the people are holding large monstera leaves.
s, miniature trellises made of yarn and wire, and small pools of plastic. A cloth hot air balloon floats above the miniature landscape
Esther Choi's Le Corbuffet is a riotous homage to the art and design of cooking.
Dolce Gabbana Pastificio Martino Pasta Package
Coop Insect Burger Essento Prepared
Brami lupini beans protein snack package
Luisa Weiss of, on how food blogging has changed since she started in 2005.
Table setting for Jen Monroe's
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West studio also included a fully functional farm.
Suzanne Anker, art, food, urban gardening, the value of food, exhibit, installation
Astarism food design gestalten book